Abigail Hardscrabble's Scream Canister
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Abigail Hardscrabble

Abigail Hardscrabble's Scream Canister was a Scream Canister that belonged to Abigail Hardscrabble, dean of Monsters University and a former Scarer.


Hardscrabble with Canister

Hardscrabble with her Scream Canister.

At some point in her career, legendary Scarer Abigail Hardscrabble broke the all-time Scare Record with the scream contained within this particular canister. When she retired from scaring, she was allowed to keep this canister as a memento and a souvenir. When she founded the Scaring School and it's Scaring program, the canister was put on display alongside those that had also broken the record. Hardscrabble was apparently very fond of this canister, as she kept rearranging it on it's pedestal and brushing any dust off it. As such, she was far from pleased when the canister was destroyed due to the actions of two students.
Broken Canister

The broken canister.

The canister was destroyed when James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski were trying to outdo each other in scariness and Sulley tripped over a book and knocked the canister off it's pedestal and compromised it, causing the scream within to escape and sending the canister on a wild ride around the Scare hall, rebounding off the walls before rolling to a halt at Mike and Sulley's feet and breaking. Hardscrabble reacted with a surprising lack of emotion at the loss of her prized trophy, but humiliated both of them by testing and failing them on the spot.

What happened to the canister afterwards is unknown.