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Jaws Theta Chi, often shortened as JOX, is one of the six fraternities of Monsters University.

Big on brawn but short on brainpower, the Jaws Theta Chi fraternity brothers are rarely seen without their flashy letterman jackets. The JOX are brutal competitors who never hesitate to do whatever it takes to beat their opponent, even if it’s breaking the rules. Despite practically living at the gym or on the field, these sports-loving monsters often prove that bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to Scaring.


In Monsters University, JOX was one of the six teams that competed in the Scare Games. It was the first team to be eliminated, as they were disqualified for using an illegal protective gel that prevented the swelling caused by the urchins.



  • Their Greek abbreviation is a pun on "Jocks". It is parodied from "ΙΘΧ": Iota Theta Chi.
  • Omar Harris was originally colored blue.
  • Big Red and George Sanderson are the only members of JOX to speak in the film.
JOX- (Jaws Theta Chi)
Jaws Theta Chi

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