Not to be confused with the film, the company, the score, the Little Golden Book or the Big Golden Book.

Monsters, Inc. (soundtrack)
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Recorded by

Randy Newman





Monsters, Inc. is a soundtrack that was released around the same time as Monsters, Inc. The soundtrack includes 25 original scores, composed by Randy Newman, all pulled from the movie.


  1. If I Didn't Have You - Billy Crystal and John Goodman
  2. Monsters, Inc.
  3. School
  4. Walk to Work
  5. Sulley and Mike
  6. Randall Appears
  7. Enter the Heroes
  8. The Scare Floor
  9. Oh, Celia!
  10. Boo's Adventures in Monstropolis
  11. Boo's Tired
  12. Putting Boo Back
  13. Boo Escapes
  14. Celia's Mad
  15. Boo Is a Cube
  16. Mike's In Trouble
  17. The Scream Extractor
  18. Sulley Scares Boo
  19. Exile
  20. Randall's Attack
  21. The Ride of the Doors
  22. Waternoose Is Waiting
  23. Boo's Going Home
  24. Kitty
  25. If I Didn't Have You - Randy Newman