Like featured articles, each month, a different poll is created and featured on the main page. Said polls are used as a fun way for users to express their opinions, and once the month's poll ends, the results will be posted to this page.

June 2015Edit

"Which fraternity/sorority best suits you?"


  • Oozma Kappa: 266 votes
  • Roar Omega Roar: 64 votes
  • Python Nu Kappa: 49 votes
  • Jaws Theta Chi: 24 votes
  • Slugma Slugma Kappa: 23 votes
  • Eta Hiss Hiss: 23 votes

July 2015Edit

"Which of the following Monsters, Inc. scarers is your favorite?"


  • James P. Sullivan: 10 votes
  • Randall Boggs: 2 votes
  • Frank McCay: 0 votes
  • George Sanderson: 2 votes
  • Someone else: 1 vote