The Userboxes on the wiki. If you create one, add it on this page.

The Userboxes are:


This user is an Admin.


This user is a Chat Moderator

Henry J. Waternoose III

This user is the Founder of the wiki


This user is a very hard working editor on the wiki.

Monsters inc

This user is a fan of Monsters, Inc.!


This user is a fan of Monsters University!


This user plays Disney Infinity.


This user plays Monsters, Inc. Run.

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This user is a fan of Mike Wazowski!

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This user is a fan of Sulley!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 7.50.09 PM

This user loves Boo!

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This user has a brother.

Carrie williams crop poster

This user has a sister.

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This user has a 2319!.

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This user will be watching you... ALWAYS watching...

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