Ms. Flint
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Ms. Flint is an employee at Monsters, Inc. that manages the simulation tests that monsters must pass in order to become scarers. Ms. Flint is a tall, red and black monster with dark red fins attached to her eyes, has long, sharp claws, wears a black jacket and a long, snakelike tail. Flint has orange and pink skin, and purple around her eyes.


Monsters, Inc.


Flint and Bile

In Monsters, Inc., Flint can be seen supervising Bile, who is attempting to scare a child in a simulation. Flint terminates the simulation after Bile is scared by the child, and further continues to mess up by tripping on a soccer ball, landing on jacks, and proceeding to run around the room in pain. Annoyed by Bile's failure, Flint asks the Pupils to pinpoint where he went wrong, and although the Pupils don't answer, Mr. Waternoose arrives and informs Bile that leaving the door open could let in a human child, which is widely believed to be toxic to the monster kind.

Monsters Inc. Scream Team

Flint also appears in Monsters, Inc. Scream Team.

Monsters University

Flint appears at the end of Monsters University, where she is training Sulley to scare the children in simulations.


  • "Can anyone tell me Mr. Bile's big mistake? Anyone?"