The Scarer's Leaderboard was a big leaderboard that measured the amount of scream energy collected at Monsters, Incorporated. The leaderboard is made up of a massive computer screen made of 24 individual monitors arranged in a 6*4 layout. The monitor shows the scarers' names and how much scream energy they produced on the left, and a world map on the right. Above the leaderboard is a counter showing how many children that the scarers scared so far. To the right of the leaderboard is a giant clock showing the current time and a "Standby/Scare" light. At the end of the film, the leaderboard now shows the current joke of the day to show that all of the monsters have converted to laughter. In Monsters University, the leaderboards were more primitive-looking in appearance to show the fact that the film is a prequel, where said leaderboard was an analog split-flap table with flipping letter and number tiles to show the scarers' names and how much scream energy they produced (similar to a railway station timetable) rather than a massive computer screen.

The old leaderboard also appeared to have less features: the world map cannot change size to fill up the entire screen, there is no "M" eyeball screensaver when the leaderboard is shut off, there are only ten slots for scarers instead of thirteen and no pictures of the scarers, and there is no decontamination warning screen. In the US version, the "Children Scared" sign, the "Standby/Scare" light, the scare totals, the decontamination warning screen and the "Laugh Totals/Joke of the Day" counter are all written. But in the international versions, they are shown as a screaming child symbol, a red monster and a green monster icon, the scarers' names are removed but their pictures are kept, a contaminant symbol and a sign showing two differently-sized monsters hitting each other on the head Itchy and Scratchy-style instead, although they shortly revert back to their written forms afterward.

The leaderboard

Monsters, Inc.

  1. Sulley
  2. Randall
  3. Joe Ranft
  4. Bud Luckey
  5. Noodles Rivera
  6. Bob Peterson
  7. Spike Jones
  8. George Sanderson
  9. Ricky Plesuski
  10. Lanky Schmidt
  11. Ted Pauley
  12. Claws Ward
  13. Harley Gerson

Monsters University

  1. Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez
  2. "Screaming" Bob Gunderson
  3. Earl "The Terror" Thompson
  4. Clive Carver
  5. Jerry Jablonski
  6. Jason Chiang
  7. Rufus Remerez
  8. Carl Johnson
  9. The Kowalski Sisters
  10. Dorothy Newbern