EEK Monsters university 2

Sorority portrait

Slugma Slugma Kappa, often shortened as EEK, is one of the six sororities of Monsters University.

The athletic sisters of Slugma Slugma Kappa (ΣΣK) spend most of their days working out and running drills to perfect their Scaring skills. Their initiation is a triathlon, and training together 24/7 has strengthened the bonds of sisterhood so much so that these strong, self-assured girls are ready to out-work and out-scare any monster they encounter together.


In Monsters University, ΣΣK was eliminated in the second event of the Scare Games. Their elimination came during he Avoid the Parent event, being caught by the Librarian and thrown into the river. In the first event, Toxicity Challenge, their strategy was to stick together, as heard when they were huddled up before the race. They appear one last time during the event helping Brynn Larson up after her foot swelled up by touching an urchin.

During the second event, they had nearly beaten Oozma Kappa and gotten their flag before they did. The group created a "bridge" on the balcony to reach their flag, Steslicki and Garcia watching from the balcony. Debbie Gabler was to retrieve the flag, but the Librarian knocked them from the balcony, Garcia watching as her five sisters descended to the first floor, being caught by the Librarian and thrown into the river, therefore eliminating Slugma Slugma Kappa from the Scare Games.



  • Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez is listed as an alumni of the group in the Monsters University Fearbook.
  • Donna Soohoo closely resembles Harry "Bud" Luckey, the turquoise cephalopod that worked for Monsters, Inc. 
  • Their abbreviation (ΣΣK) refers to the 'eek' sound, which is associated with being distressed or scared. Its name is parodied from "Sigma Sigma Kappa".
  • EEK was eliminated second in the Scare Games, nearly defeating Oozma Kappa. Their elimination came during the Avoid the Parent event where they were caught by the librarian and thrown into the river.